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'Alba 1455 Primula kisoana : (318). 224 Aquilegia flabellata 'Alba': (379) 'Alba'. 391 Camassia leichtlinii :mix (423). 392 Camassia leichtlinii :varigerad (171,488) 1528 Primula kisoana : (406). 60 Cobaea scandens ′Alba′, vit klockranka.

Primula kisoana alba

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bolearis Ranunculus acris var. nipponicus Rhodohypoxis baurii 'Rokujo Nishiki' Sanguinaria canadensis 'Multiplex' Sanguisorba … PRIMULA ALPICOLA SEEDS - Plant World Seeds. A choice and outstandingly fragrant plant from the high mountains of Tibet. Umbels of pendent bell-like violet flowers, powdered in the throat, are produced on long stems in early spring.

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Att smaka en liten Bryonia alba Röd hundrova, Bryonia dioica. Växten Start; Växter · Primula.

Primula kisoana alba

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Easy in moist woodland. A rare form of this Japanese native. Besides the regular fuzzy leaves, var.

Primula kisoana alba

Rarely offered in Australia, Primula kisoana ‘alba’ is not difficult to grow. Reaching around 25 cm high in full flower, you may even get a second flush of flowers in late summer in cooler positions. Primula kisoana is a rhizomatous, Japanese species primrose with rose pink flowers in early spring and large fuzzy green leaves. Posts Tagged ‘Primula kisoana’ The rare and prized P. kisoana ‘Alba’ grows and spreads by stolons just under the soil surface and loves a nice moist and Primula kisoana A fun Primrose that when settled in and enjoying a rich crumbly soil can really make a nice patch. This spreads by underground rhizomes and is a good colonizer. Some plants when you say colonizer it rightly sounds an alarm much like a submarine klaxon on an emergency dive. Not so this.
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Primula kisoana alba

Primula sieboldii 'Alba' Praktviva.Arten kommer från NO Asien och Japan. Vi odlar plantorna i humusrik och något fuktig jord. Primula sieboldii Praktviva. Primula kisoana 'Barnhaven Blush'.

Previous Item Next Item. Product Details A herbaceous species from Japan which has felted,rounded and scalloped pale green leaves making a low mound from which the flower stems are produced. Holding the flowers Primula kisoana is a rhizomatous, Japanese species primrose with rose pink flowers in early spring and large fuzzy green leaves. Wild Ginger Farm Alpine and Woodland Plants From Around the World Primula kisoana var shikokiana aka Japanese Creeping Primrose.
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[2] [3] Inga underarter finns listade i Catalogue of Life. var. alba Copyright © Mike Ireland 2002, All Rights Reserved Location: Garden - UK Jan 21, 2016 - Primula kisoana alba - Large felted soft green leaves and pure white flowers in spring. Primula kisoana var. alba aka Primula kisoana var. shikokiana f. [alba], Primrose Sep 2, 2017 - Primula kisoana 'Alba'.The magnificent snow-white form with light green foliage.