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903 – gcc compiler cannot find log10 function

11 Jun 2012 The loader itself is a shared object file /lib/ All the directories that are searched by the loader in order to find the libraries is stored  Bookstore · Search · Recent · Author Topic: Cannot find /lib/ while cross-compiling to ARM (Read 66754 times)  Your compiler can't find the relevant symbols, and that might be just because you haven't properly configured the correct library paths for the fortran libs. The headers are found, and hence, it compiles find. Replace libjpeg by any library you want, and you have a generic, distro-independent* way of checking for library availability.

Find library linux

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It makes easy for us to find a file or a directory.We can also find the unused files from last few days and delete it. “find” command also makes it easy to search for files which have been modified few hours or days back. Find From the Current Directory. The command searches the current working directory for the file … 2008-11-05 · CentOS 5.2 : 'find /usr/lib -name *netcdf*'.

Lynx: WWW/Library/Implementation/HTAnchor.h Fossies

If clearing the profiles.ini file isn't working then also check the location of  Novi Public Library, Novi, Michigan. admin:www-data *; Unless the application uses PHP, you will probably need to set the CGI scripts to be executable.

Find library linux

Linus Torvalds: Hjärnan bakom Linux TED Talk

Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives. We'll use apt-file. First install it. apt-get install apt-file Update its database: apt-file update And now search for a specific file. apt-file search [file you are looking for] Arch Linux Shared libraries are loaded by (or and (or programs, where x is the version. In Linux, /lib/ searches and loads all shared libraries used by a program.

Find library linux

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Find library linux

I've switched to Linux just a few days ago and so far I'm very content with it, however I couldn't google this one out and becoming frustrated..

Note: There are differences between Debian and Ubuntu (the two flavours of Linux that I'm familiar with). Ubuntu Linux, regardless of the distro you use, comes with a number of GUI tools which allow searching for files. Many modern file managers support file searching right in the file list. However, there are a number of situations when you need to use the console, for example, during an SSH session or when the X server doesn't start.
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903 – gcc compiler cannot find log10 function

i added /usr/local/lib to and ran a ldconfig ( as root ) then i tried to compile tablix-0.0.3 wich does require the installed version. of libxml2. readelf (usually on linux but -- any ELF object file on any platform that supports ELF) will read a shared library.